Computerised Control Systems

Pharmaceutical Sector

At Manutec we have a proven track record for Monitoring and Process control for Bio Pharma and Pharmaceuticals companies in Ireland. Our approach has been built on working closely with our customers from initial design stage to installation to post-project support (maintenance, calibration and validation services). Our process control and monitoring is used in the manufacture of pharmaceutical solutions. This ensures that we meet the necessary standards enforced by the various bodies in the pharmaceutical sector.


Medical Devices Sector

In the Medical Devices Sector providing fully integrated automation and information solutions is what Manutec is all about. This reduces the amount of manual labour, energy and overall costs.

The key benefits include:

• Better efficiency with integrated systems
• Increased visibility and full traceability
• Reduced cost of compliance
• Reduced cycle times

Better medical manufacturing systems are needed to meet standards and address the growing importance of manufacturing intelligence. We simply help get you there.

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